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Spices & Herbal ETO Sterilizer

Incepted years ago in this domain, we have engraved a position to be an apparent manufacturer and supplier of Spice ETO Sterilizer. Spices are used daily by everyone in their food stuff. In India, there is a huge production of spices and for sterilizing the spices we need sterilization. Sterilization is used to remove or destroy the microbial life which includes fungi, bacteria, Trojans, spore forms and many others. With the help of the offered Spice Sterilizer the microbial life present on a surface contained inside a fluid, in drugs or in a compound like biological culture media.

Spices and herbs are sourced worldwide and they may be seriously polluted from the soil where they were grown-up and harvested. If left organic, these products can provide perfect conditions for continued growth of the microbes which can lead to spoilage and consumer health issues. With the help of the Spice ETO Sterilizer the sterilization can be applied by proper combinations of heat, chemicals, irradiation, high pressure and filtration. There are many methods to decontaminate natural products, such as ethylene oxide and irradiation but most have been or will soon be restricted due to their potential health risks and adverse consumer acceptance.

Spice ETO Sterilizer

Spices & Herbal ETO Sterilizer Manufacturer

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Product Details:
Usage / Application Food Industries or Spices Industries
Also Known As ETO Sterilizer / EO Sterilization / ETO Sterilization Industrial ETO Sterilizer, ETO sterilization plants, ETO Gas Sterilizer, Industrial ETO Sterilizer Machine, Food Sterilizer, Spice ETO Sterilizer, Spice Industrial ETO Sterilizer
Shape Horizontal
Material & Grade Stainless Steel or Mild steel
Insulation Wall Triple Wall
Temperature Range 0 to 55 Degree C
Pressure Range +1.00 to -0.700 bar
Brand Krishna Engineering
Warranty 2 years
Chamber capacity 1 ton to 40 ton
Automation Grade Fully Automatic
Size Customize size available
Comply ISO 11135 , ISO 13485 ETC  
Documentations Inclusion of necessary documents