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Leading ETO Sterilizer Specialist – Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter of ETO Sterilizer Machine

We are leading ETO Sterilizer manufacturer in India at best affordable price. Our organization is engaged in manufacturing best quality of ETO Sterilizer for Medical and Pharma Industry. Established and developed in city Ahmedabad which is known as Manchester of India and leading business hub in India. We design, manufacture, control and qualify ETO Sterilizer for the Sterilization of the Medical devices and other equipments which are sensitive to heat and humidity like syringes, dialysis cartridges, catheters, plastic dressings, sutures and so on. We are most demanded Ethylene Oxide Sterilizers manufacturer, offering the best method for medical device sterilization. Apart from designing and manufacturing the sterilizer, we also provide all the ancillary equipment in order to offer a complete sterilization unit by ethylene oxide process. With main focus on quality, the company has set high standards for manufacturing of ETO Sterilizer.

Solution Offered for ETO Sterilization

ethylene oxide sterilization protocol

Rigid Temperature Sensor

Relative Humidity and Temperature Sensor

Temperature Range from -30 to +105◦C

Relative Humidity Range of 0 to 100%

Live Data Option Available

Temperature Range of 0 to 90◦C

Interchangeable Sensor Design

Live Data Option Available


Interchangeable Sensor Design

ETO Sterilizer Manufacturer

ETO protocol

We are introducing ourselves as prominent Manufacturers of ETO Machine in Ahmedabad, India. Krishna Engineering is well-known in the industrial market for offering ETO Gas Sterilizers, ethylene oxide gas sterilizers and sterilizers. Our manufactured brand is hugely appreciated by the clients for their dimensional accuracy, leak proof, chemical and corrosion and heat resistance features. Our firm is well-known Manufacturer, Supplier and exporter of all types of Industrial and Pharma Sterilizer Machines. Our manufactured products are made used the finest quality raw material and this are bought out from the reputed vendors following the GMP norms. We are developed with a team of highly experienced engineers who follow the stringent quality checks at various production stages to make sure that best quality products reaches out to the esteem customer with no place for lapses. Our company endeavors to constantly redesign and adapt to changing technologies and market changes.

ETO Sterilizer Manufacturer

ETO Sterilizer Product Details

Type Of Sterilizer

Ethylene Oxide Sterilizer


Krishna Engineering


Stainless Steel

Automation Grade

Fully Automatic


2 Year

Chamber Dimension

4x4x6 Feet

Chamber Volume

2.72 m3

Working Pressure

1.0 to1.5 kg/cm2




Bacterial Treatment

Chamber Volume

3000 L

Insulation Wall

Triple Wall

Temperature Range

45 Degree C

ETO Sterilizer Machine Manufacturing Process :-

We Krishna engineering made the machines from high-grade Stainless steel and mild steel as per the requirement of the client the machine is made with the proper technology and machines are manufactured with standard manufacturing process with all the required precaution and inspection.

All the accessories which are required in sterilizer are from standard companies like Crompton, Schneider, Mitsubishi etc., all the machines are passed from leak test and a pressure test and ensure the quality of welding and other joints.

Machine's working process
  • Achieving Temp Temperature
  • Stabilizing Time
  • Pre Vacuum 
  • Pre Vacuum Hold Time
  • Vacuum Tolerance
  • Conditioning Load (RH Injection)
  • Load Conditioning (RH Dwell Time) 
  • ETO Gas Pressure
  • Gas Pressure Drop Tolerance
  • Exposure Time
  • Post Vacuum (Gas Dilution) 
  • No Of Pulse Of Post Vacuum
ETO Sterilizer Machine Manufacturing Process
ETO Sterilizer India
ETO Sterilizers In Ahmedabad

ETO – Ethylene Oxide is used to Sterilize Medical Devices

Disinfection and sterilization are both decontamination processes

We are offering the ETO Sterilizer which is used for Cleaning, Sterilization and Maintenance of Surgical Instruments. Medical instruments are sterilized in different ways which includes moist heat ie. (Steam), dry heat, radiation, ethylene oxide gas, vaporized hydrogen peroxide and other sterilization methods. ETO Sterilization is considered to be an important sterilization method which is used by the manufacturers of medical devices to keep them safe.  ETO is widely used for sterilization of medical devices and it is considered to be the only method that effectively sterilizes and does not damage the device during the sterilization process.  We mentioned it as steam sterilizer being the most cost effective and simple method available, but steam is not applicable to all materials and instruments.  Development in medical procedures has resulted in the increased usage of fragile instruments which cannot be steam sterilized. This is because they cannot resist the higher temperatures or moisture of steam. Heat and moisture sensitive equipment necessitate alternative methods of sterilization.

Further achieving disinfection and sterilization through the use of disinfectant and sterilization practices is essential for ensuring that medical and surgical instruments do not transmit infectious pathogens to patients. Disinfection is usually carried out using chemicals, often solutions, but also vapors and gases. When chemicals are used to destroy all forms of microbiologic life, they can be called chemical sterilants.Cleaning must always come before high-level sterilization or disinfection. We can employ several methods of sterilization to kill disease-causing microorganisms and eradicate transmissible agents, like bacteria and spores.

Manufacturer of Industrial Sterilizer Machine

Our in-depth industrial experience helps us to offer our clients with the most well designed products of best quality. We are using the finest qualitative raw materials as well as components while manufacturing these products. Krishna Engineering is a leading manufacturer, supplier and exporter of Industrial Sterilizer Machine for different types of Industries such as Life Science, Medical Device, Tissue Banks, Test Labs, PPE KITS, and Herbal & Spices. We are established in Ahmedabad, Gujarat and well recognized for offering superior specification work without any risk or failure in the machine. We are manufacturing the ETO Machine by combining with Indian quality manufacturing materials with original designs and provide a top-quality finishing and long lasting life of the machine. Moreover the offered ETO Sterilizer Machines the chambers are mainly stainless steel based built.

Specifications :
  • Fully automatic process
  • Sterilization time: 8 -12 hours
  • Working temperature 45-65 °C
  • Negative pressure cycle
  • Easy to operate
  • Compact model
  • High efficiency
  • Designed as per CGMP, GAMP and FDA guideline
  • Along with all accessories

Safety features :

  • Insulated heat emission chamber
  • Two stage central door locking
  • Due to negative pressure cycle door always remain close 0 Password protection
  • Batch monitoring system
  • In case of leakage no gases will come outside the chamber
  • Overpressure & under pressure warning and auto prevent

Applications :
  • All kind of spices & herbs industries
  • Medical disposables manufacturing industries
  • Hospitals and biological waste department
  • Medical instruments manufacturing industries
eto sterilizer vision
Our Vision

Our aim is to develop innovative industrial solutions for turnkey projects in the different industries for sterilizing the products.

mission eto sterilizer
Our Mission

Our motto is to carry on with new challenges to grow, innovating and enjoying hand to hand with our customers.

products of eto sterilizer
Products Quality

We always look for offering the best service and product at the best price, for that we control the productive and operative processes, in order to optimize the efficiency and effectiveness.

Looking for the Top Manufacturer for ETO Sterilizer, Steam Sterilizer, Vacuum Tray Dryer and Ribbon Blender
ETO Sterilizer
Why Choose Us?

Krishna Engineering – Due to the features that place us among the distinguishing manufacturers of a huge range of ETO Sterilizer due to below mentioned reasons:

  • Extensive industry experience
  • Modern infrastructure
  • Well managed processes
  • Skilled workforce
  • Equipment with compact design &technically advanced features
  • Stringent quality management systems
  • Wide distribution network
  • Timely delivery
  • Competent cost
Krishna Engineering ETO Sterilizer
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