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ETO Sterilization mostly commonly called as ETO

By admin  /  04 Mar 2023

Are you confused for about choosing the appropriate sterilization method when there are so many choices available? We have reached the end of the sterilization methods series where we explored the different ways to kill or remove deadly bacteria, viruses, and harmful pathogens.

What is ETO Sterilization?

ETO Sterilization which is known as poisonous gas intended to kill microorganisms on the surface of medical devices. It’s extensively worn for sterilization of single-use plastic components due to its lower temperature levels and material compatibility. The common sterilization method is ETO sterilization which is used for products that are sensitive to radiations. EtO is a type of gas and the process involves exposing the products to the gas at a specified temperature, relative humidity, and pressure for a controlled amount of time in order to ensure proper sterilization has taken place. The process applies the gas at temperatures up to 63°C and durations of up to six hours. The primary risk to the device is residual gas trapped within the enclosure which may be harmful to patients and other users.

What is ETO Sterilization?